What kind of cargo capacity can you get in the entry-level Honda SUV?

How much cargo space does the 2017 Honda HR-V have?

Honda, as you are likely aware, offers a wide variety of different vehicles across its lineup. Among the automobiles available from the automaker are crossovers and SUVs. The entry into this lineup is the HR-V, a smaller crossover designed to have a good fuel economy in addition to some of the most enjoyable characteristics people have come to love from SUVs. One of the biggest draws to any SUV, no matter its size, is the available cargo capacity. These models are popular for people who are part of big families or have adventurous spirits and like to go on trips as much as possible. How much cargo space does the 2017 Honda HR-V have? Read on for more details!

How much cargo can you fit inside the 2017 Honda Civic Hatchback?

The 2017 Honda HR-V has two rows of seats, and that second row is what helps make this vehicle such a versatile option when it comes to cargo space. With the seats upright, you have 24.3 cubic feet of cargo room to use. If you do not have a full load of passengers, however, you can fold the seats in a few different ways to open up the HR-V to more cargo capacity. Folding those rear seats down gives you 58.8 cubic feet of cargo space, which is plenty of room for a lot of different materials. Do you have a small paddle boat or a surfboard you need to bring around? Fold down the rear seats and the front passenger seat, and you can fit something that is as long as eight feet inside. Are you bringing home a nice plant or lamp? The Magic Seat® functionality lets you fold the bottom portion of the seat upright so you can set your cargo down on the floor and not have to deal with it touching the ceiling.

Even though this may be the smallest of the current SUV and crossover Honda lineup, that does not mean it can’t hold its own—or your cargo.

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